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Exploring brain networks

Fast facts

  • Title: Connectomics And Electrical Stimulation for Augmenting Resection (CAESAR)
  • Lead researcher: Mr Michael Hart
  • Where: University of Cambridge and Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge
  • When: October 2016 – June 2019
  • Cost: £50,000
  • Research type: Adult, Low Grade, Clinical

As well as being a neurosurgeon at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Mr Hart is also studying towards his PhD. In 2015 he received two awards for his work into how parts of the brain are connected. Mr Hart is also a neuro-oncology editor with the Cochrane Collaboration, an organisation which analyses the best information available from published research to inform change in healthcare systems.

Mr Hart’s research aims to explore how networks are formed to the remote areas of the brain that are responsible for complex cognitive functions such as problem solving. By doing so, he hopes to define exactly how much of a low grade glioma can be removed while retaining as much brain function as possible.

This research could have an immediate impact by decreasing the after effects of surgery including lowering the chance of seizures.

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