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Will you stand with us ahead of the Scottish Parliament elections?

Email our manifesto to your local MSP candidates and help us drive vital progress for everyone affected by brain tumours in Scotland.

Over 1,000 people are diagnosed with a brain or CNS tumour in Scotland every year and tragically, of those diagnosed with a high-grade brain tumour, more than half do not survive one year.

With the Scottish Parliament election due to take place on May 6, now is the time to galvanise support and deliver change for those affected by brain tumours in Scotland.

But, we need your help to do this!

By emailing your local MSP candidates from all parties and asking them to support our manifesto, you can help us reach as many potential MSPs as possible - helping to drive vital progress.

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Our Scottish Manifesto

The next Scottish Parliament will convene in a changed world. The COVID-19 pandemic has created a greater sense of togetherness and we have the opportunity to build on this, transforming outcomes and improving the quality of day-to-day life for those affected by a brain tumour in Scotland.

That’s why we're launching our Scottish Manifesto, asking all candidates to pledge their support for people affected by a brain tumour in Scotland, and commit to:

  • Ensuring everyone diagnosed can access support from a Clinical Nurse Specialist or key worker, regardless of their tumour type or where they live in Scotland
  • Driving earlier diagnosis by reducing the proportion of brain tumours diagnosed via an emergency and piloting a simple, low-cost blood test (ClinSpec DX) across primary care in Scotland, as soon as possible
  • Addressing the impact of the pandemic on brain tumour surgeries and scans by establishing the extent of any backlog and setting out a clear plan to ensure everyone affected gets the diagnosis, treatment and support they need as soon as possible
  • Accelerating access to real-world data for Scottish brain tumour patients, researchers and charities, including through The Charity’s app BRIAN – to help inform and empower those affected and accelerate research to find a cure.

You can help us reach as many potential MSPs as possible by emailing our manifesto to your local MSP candidates from all parties using our template e-mail and sharing your story.

We know that the only way to bring brain tumours down is by stepping up together. Now's the time for us to stand up, take action and raise our voices. Will you join us?

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