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The statistics about brain tumours

These brain tumour statistics are shocking. We believe that fighting brain tumours on all fronts through research, awareness and support is the only way to save lives, reduce long-term disabilities and help everyone with a brain tumour and their families.

The statistics

  • Brain tumours are the biggest cancer killer of children and adults under 40
  • Over 12,000 people are diagnosed each year with a primary brain tumour, including 500 children and young people – that’s 33 people every day
  • Over 5,300 people lose their lives to a brain tumour each year
  • At least 88,000 children and adults are estimated to be living with a brain tumour in the UK currently
  • Brain tumours reduce life expectancy by on average 27 years – the highest of any cancer
  • Just 12% of adults survive for five years after diagnosis
  • Brain tumours are the largest cause of preventable or treatable blindness in children
  • Research offers the only real hope of dramatic improvements in the management and treatment of brain tumours. Over £700m is spent on cancer research in the UK every year, yet less than 3% is spent on brain tumours

Watch an overview of our new strategy for 2021-2022

Find out how we’re leaning into our strengths and our community, to make sure we can continue to drive urgent progress for everybody affected by a brain tumour.

Our values

Our values underpin our culture, the way we do things and what we believe in. The way we work is:


We are relentless and courageous in the pursuit of our vision, seeking new ways to make a difference.
We will always do what is needed, even if it’s not easy, to achieve excellence.


People are at the heart of our charity. We are passionate about finding a cure and ensuring that everyone affected has the highest quality of life and chance of survival.
We respect and respond to every individual who supports us or who we support in our endeavour to find a cure.


We will only achieve our vision by building networks, partnerships and a strong brain tumour community. We collaborate and value everyone’s contribution.
We will only make a lasting impact and drive change through working together.


We are focused and intelligent in our approach to defeating brain tumours.
We are the experts you can trust to give you the information you need and to make a difference.

Unite with us and help us take these steps towards achieving our vision of a world where brain tumours are defeated.

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