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Everest in the Alps

Do you have what it takes to climb the height of Everest over four consecutive days and raise vital funds for research into paediatric brain tumours?

The intrepid skiers taking on the challenge will travel to the alpine village of Verbier in Switzerland and battle unpredictable conditions to complete the 8,848m climb.

Everest in the Alps was first tackled in 2015, raising a spectacular £3m for The Brain Tumour Charity. A team in 2018 added to this by raising £1m. The 2019 team then raised £500,000 meaning the 2020 challengers need £500k to help fill the gap ensuring the £5m funding is secured.

The funds will support the work of the Everest Centre for Research into Paediatric Low Grade Brain Tumours; a ground-breaking international research initiative aiming to improve the understanding and treatment of childhood brain tumours.

Apply for the 2020 challenge

The story behind the challenge

The gruelling climb was inspired by our trustee Rob Ritchie - who scaled the same heights three years earlier with a group of friends and family.

Rob was motivated after getting the shocking news that his five-year-old son Toby had a low-grade tumour and has vowed to help speed up the search for a cure.

Toby's diagnosis changed his life and ours. The Everest Centre has brought together international experts to accelerate progress towards more effective and less harmful treatments for slower-growing brain tumours, which can have a devastating long-term impact.

Rob’s son Toby was diagnosed with a low grade (slower-growing) brain tumour on his brain stem at the age of five

Sadly, Toby is not an isolated case. Globally, over 26,870 children and young adults have a paediatric low grade (slower growing) brain tumour. Every day a young person takes another step in dealing with their own personal Everest.

Could you push yourself further and help stop brain tumours in their tracks?

Watch the video to see how incredible the 2018 challenge was and click below to find out more about the 2020 challenge.