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It’s Game Over for Brain Tumours!

Finding out that you only have 18 months to live – likely less than that – sounds like the beginning of a horror story. But it’s the reality that many people diagnosed with a brain tumour face.  

We’re calling on streamers to give hope to the 34 people diagnosed with a brain tumour in the UK every day.  

Take on a Game 34 challenge and help us accelerate a cure for brain tumours by raising funds for pioneering research projects and life-changing support services. 

These numbers are scary, but together we can change them!


The average number of people diagnosed with a brain tumour every day in the UK.

27 years

The average amount of time a high grade brain tumour reduces life expectancy in the UK.


The shockingly low percentage of people that survive brain cancer for more than five years

One of us! One of us!

Come along and join us on Discord to ask us anything you need to know

Three steps to becoming a Game 34 fundraiser

1. Let us know what you’re up to

Fill in our Game 34 form so we know your plans and can send you everything you need to get started.  

2. Set up your fundraising page 

Collecting donations online has never been easier and it’s no different when it comes to Game 34. If you’re streaming as part of your challenge, we recommend using Tiltify. However, JustGiving is a great option is you’re not looking to stream your challenge.  

3. Power up and get gaming 

Nothing’s left but to hit start and dive into your challenge. This can be scary, especially if you’ve decided to stream for the first time – but we’ll be with you at every step.  

Level up your fundraising to level up our work!

Boss battler


could pay for a Brainy Bag and teddy bear to be sent to a child affected by a brain tumour

Achievement hunter


could pay for a whole day of world-class research into brain tumours 



could cover 45 hours of support from a Young Adult Worker for someone affected by a brain tumour

It’s dangerous to go alone (but we’ve got your back)!

When you sign up for Game 34, you’ll get our free guide to help level up your fundraising and access to our Discord server – a friendly place for gamers who support The Brain Tumour Charity to hang out, chat and find advice on taking on Game 34.

We’ll also put you in touch with your local community fundraiser. They’ll be on hand to help you with everything you need – whether that’s arranging some charity merch for you to wear while you stream or hyping you up before your next event.