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2 people playing video games with the caption that reads; have fun. raise funds. change lives

What is Game 34?

Game 34 is your chance to put your gaming skills to the ultimate test and unlock the greatest achievement of all – a future where everybody affected by a brain tumour lives a longer, better life. 

It’s a fun, accessible way of fundraising, whether you’re taking on your mates in a tournament, grinding through a marathon gaming session or getting started with streaming.  

With you on our team, we know it’s only a matter of time until we can say “It’s game over for brain tumours!” 

How do I take part?

  1. 1. Choose your challenge 

Game 34 is your challenge and you can take it on your way – whether you want to stream yourself completing a game 34 times, take on a sponsored 34-hour gaming marathon with your friends, attempt a 34-minute speedrun or anything in-between. 

  1. 2. Set up your fundraising page 

Collecting donations for your gaming fundraiser has never been easier! We recommend setting up a Tiltify account if you’re streaming or a JustGiving page if you don’t plan on streaming. 

  1. 3. Let us know 

Hey! Listen! Complete our Game 34 form so that we can support you with your fundraising. 

  1. 4. Hit start and get gaming 

Leeeeeeeroy Jenkins! Nothing’s left but to hit start and charge into your challenge.  

What kind of games can I play?

The games you play are entirely up to you! However, we’d encourage you to be mindful of the kinds of game you play when fundraising for us. A great rule of thumb is that if you wouldn’t feel comfortable with your Mum watching you play it, it’s probably not a good choice. 

When streaming, you should always make sure you’re following the terms and conditions of the platform you’re streaming on. And, if you’re streaming content that wouldn’t be suitable for children, make sure you flag it as “mature content” in your stream settings.  

Do I have to play online?

No – you can take on any sort of challenge you like, whether it’s you’re streaming it or tackling a marathon with your mates. If you’re interested in playing online but aren’t sure how, check out our Game 34 fundraising guide for tips and advice. 

How do I stream my Game 34 challenge?

Getting started with streaming is easier than ever. All you really need is a Twitch account, a smartphone and a stable internet connection.  

To find out more check out our streaming resources or explore Tiltify’s excellent guidance on how to start streaming for a cure.  

If you’re using JustGiving to collect donations, you can also connect your JustGiving page to your stream. JustGiving have great guidance around how to do this

What support do you offer?

You’ve got full control of your challenge, but we’ll be there to back you up and provide support at every step.  

When you sign up for Game 34, you’ll get our free guide to help level up your fundraising. We can help make sure you’re confident talking about The Brain Tumour Charity’s goals, send assets to promote your fundraising and generally just cheer you on!   

You’ll also get access to our Discord server. It’s a friendly place for gamers who support The Brain Tumour Charity to hang out, chat and find advice on taking on Game 34. 

We’ll also put you in touch with your local community fundraiser. They’ll be on hand to help you with everything you need – whether that’s arranging some charity merch for you to wear while you stream or hype you up before your next event.