Ben's Brain Battle Fund

Bens' Brain Battle Fund is fundraising and raising awareness of brain tumours

Ben's story

My name is Benjamin James Turner and I'm 29 years old. In Dec 2012 I was diagnosed with a grade 3 Astrocytoma tumour. I've undergone open brain surgery in Feb 2013 to have the majority of it removed, which left me without left peripheral vision due to the position of the mass. This was followed by six weeks of intense chemoradiotherapy and the brain tumour was then stable until April 2017.

Unfortunately there was tumour growth in 2017 which meant I had to undergo more brain surgery. Because of numerous complications, I've had to go through 7 brain surgeries in a very short space of time. I'm currently waiting for another operation to cover the exposed part of my skull, but I'm determined to live life, continuing to work and get out to see my family and friends.

All my friends and family have provided amazing support throughout this time and held a huge range of fundraisers – from a variety evening, comedy night, running events, choir performances and collections we really are doing it all!

I have decided to set up Ben's Brain Battle fund because my own experiences with fighting a brain tumour have led me to discover how much help is necessary . There is vital funding to be collected from kind people raising support. The government do not offer enough support. Let's keep thinking of new fun ways to raise awareness and funds!