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The Andrew Stringer Fund

The Andrew Stringer Supporter Group is raising money for The Brain Tumour Charity in his memory.

£79,495.30 funds raised so far

Andrew's story

Andrew started getting headaches in August 2005 and the doctor said he had tonsillitis and prescribed paracetamol. A week later Andrew became unwell at a friend's sleepover and was rushed to hospital and transferred to intensive care where doctor's initially thought he had encephalitis. A week later, after an MRI scan, a brain tumour was discovered.

Andrew had an operation to remove as much of the tumour as possible and to take a biopsy. A few days later we were told the devastating news that the tumour was a Grade 4 PNET in his left temporal lobe and that it was very aggressive. However we were still given hope that with radiotherapy and chemotherapy (Hart and Packer protocol) there was a chance of a cure.

Unfortunately this was not to be.

Andrew had radiotherapy twice a day for 5 weeks and was meant to have 11 months of chemotherapy. However the headaches were always on and off and after only 4 months Andrew had a seizure whilst in hospital and a scan revealed the tumour had come back and had spread. After much persuasion we finally managed to convince the doctors to operate on Andrew again and let him take part in a Phase 3 clinical trial using high dose chemotherapy. This operation lasted for 10 hours and Andrew very nearly died, however everyone was very pleased with the results and positive of the forthcoming treatment.

Sadly, after only 6 weeks of pre-high dose chemotherapy (chemotherapy to boost his body for stem cell rescue) another scan revealed that yet again the tumour had returned and this time there were no further trials or treatment available. In August 2006 Andrew was sent home and he quickly deteriorated from then onwards.

Twelve weeks later Andrew died with his parents, Marion and Michael, and his beloved sisters, Laura and Rachel, by his side at home. He was just 13 years old.

Throughout Andrew's terrible illness he never once complained or asked, “Why me?" He was always smiling and joking and always on the go. He loved his life so much and he loved his family and friends. He was such a sporty, clever, kind boy and he was such a joy to be with. Andrew was always very positive and he always believed he would get better.

About The Andrew Stringer Fund

Andrew's family are determined to raise funds in memory of Andrew in order to support this very under-researched disease to give hope to other children who may be diagnosed with a brain tumour in the future. Andrew's family have set up a Justgiving page on which you can make donations in his memory. They also have a dedicated website set up in Andrew's memory.