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The Pat Alvey Fund

Raising funds for The Brain Tumour Charity in memory of Pat.

£2,103.59 funds raised so far

Pat's story

Pat was diagnosed with a brain tumour in June 2013. It was a shock to all her family and friends that someone so happy, healthy and energetic could have something so serious.

Adding to the shock was the size and position of the tumour. It was inoperable and the only option doctors could give Pat was a course of chemotherapy and palliative care. Both of which she declined.

Even after being diagnosed she retained her cheerful and positive outlook on life. She spent the summer visiting friends both here and abroad with her husband Mick. To the outsider you would never have known she was anything but perfectly healthy and well. She fully believed she would beat her tumour and never let it dampen her spirits. She was a person who loved to wake up in the morning and she remained that way until her passing in October 2013, just five months after diagnosis.

Being a proactive person Pat became extremely involved in researching her cancer and how best to build her immunity naturally. She became an expert on alkaline foods, known to fight cancer, and learnt to make her own beauty products including face and body creams. She truly was inspirational and we all enjoyed sampling her latest creation in the kitchen or sipping on one of her 'super food' smoothies.

We would like to continue Pat's pursuit to find a better alternative to chemotherapy. In Pat's memory we hope to raise funds so that more money goes into researching brain tumours. What causes them, how we can prevent them and treat them more effectively. We believe, like Pat, that there is a better solution out there for people who are diagnosed.