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The Team Cleo Fund

Inspired by Cleo’s story, we are fundraising for The Brain Tumour Charity because a cure for paediatric brain tumours can’t wait


funds raised so far

Cleo’s Story So Far…

You must have heard ‘cancer’ referred to as ‘The Big C’. Well, it’s not. C is for Cleo. Cleo is ten years old. She’s funny, beautiful, kind. Those adjectives are nowhere near enough. She’s super special – everyone who meets her falls in love. She loves to climb everything and anything- she would climb fresh air, I am sure of it. She is just a lovely little human being and we completely adore her. She is our sunshine.

Cleo was diagnosed with a Grade 4 Glioblastoma in March 2018 for which there is no cure (yet). The prognosis was, and is, dreadful. She subsequently endured a gruelling course of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Her recovery took many months, but the positive effects of the palliative treatment bought us the most wonderful ‘honeymoon period’ with our darling daughter and her siblings that we could have imagined.

Now, in January 2019, we are dealing with the news that Cleo’s tumour has stopped responding to conventional treatment. In the absence of any other reasonable treatment options, we have taken the decision to enrol her in a clinical trial. We shall see what happens.

We decided to form The Team Cleo Fund right now, so that we could collate together all the amazing fundraising efforts from family and friends that Cleo’s story has inspired and show her what a magnificent impact on the world she is having.

So, thanks for reading, follow our journey, come with us. And give. Every contribution counts. A cure can’t wait.