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Thank you for your interest in being part of our latest film.

We want to develop a detailed and meaningful film based entirely around the personal experiences of people living with a brain tumour, in order to show the true impact of the disease on patients and their families. This will help us raise awareness of brain tumours and push for the changes we know are necessary to help everyone affected.

Naturally this type of film will involve some personal and potentially difficult questions so before you fill out this form, please take a moment to think carefully about whether you are willing to answer these.

We're looking for someone who:

  • Has been diagnosed with a brain tumour
  • Is willing to speak on camera about their experiences throughout diagnosis and treatment
  • Feels comfortable discussing the wider effects of a brain tumour – including relationships, employment, social issues etc.
  • Is happy for us to share the finished film across local and national media outlets

It's also possible that we will not be able to film everyone who contacts us to express an interest in taking part. If you fill in this form and we cannot include you in this project, we'll try our best to share your story in another way to help us raise awareness.

Please also ensure you read our Privacy Policy.

If you're happy with everything we've set out above, please continue to complete the form below. Thank you very much.

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