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Every donation, no matter the size, funds research that could give families affected by a brain tumour the greatest gift of all – more time together.

You can help give families the time together they deserve!

For people affected by a brain tumour, having more time to make cherished memories with their loved ones is the greatest gift they could ever receive.

Sadly, this isn’t the kind of present that arrives neatly wrapped under a Christmas tree. The only way to give families the time together they deserve is by investing in bold new research and accelerating our search for a cure.

Your donation this Christmas will help fund discoveries that move us further, faster towards defeating brain tumours. Together we can create a future where families affected by a brain tumour have more time to make cherished memories together!

cartoon picture frame with a small family posing

Gunnar and Diana posing on holiday

Families like ours fight so fiercely for every day, every moment together, but the reality of such aggressive brain tumours is cruel. The Brain Tumour Charity needs your donation this Christmas so we can advance research into a cure.

Diana, who lost her husband, Gunnar, to a glioblastoma

Will you give families the gift of time?

Every donation this Christmas, no matter how large or small, will help support pioneering new research into kinder and more effective treatments.

With you beside us, we’ve come a long way – but families affected by a brain tumour deserve better, faster!

Click the videos below to hear three families affected by a brain tumour diagnosis explain what the gift of time would mean to them.

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