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Nurse and AHP Study Day 2017

Watch and download presentations by leading brain tumour experts on topics ranging from clinical trials and biobanking to fatigue management and end of life care.

The presentations are designed specifically for nurses and allied health professionals and were filmed at our Nurse and Allied Health Professional Study Days in 2017.

Learning resources

More information about clinical trials

Find out more information about clinical trials and adaptive clinical trials.

More information about managing mental health

We have put together information on mental health for people living with a brain tumour, including overcoming isolation, help and guidance for family and friends, and information about our support services.

More information about driving and brain tumours

Information about driving and brain tumours to help people living with a brain tumour to understand who they should inform regarding driving and the extra assistance they can receive when travelling.

More information about primary brain tumours

Information about common adult brain tumour types, common child brain tumour types and brain tumour symptoms.

More information about our Young Adults Service

We have a Young Adults Service for young adults aged 16-30 with a brain tumour diagnosis. Our service helps to answer questions, helps young adults connect with others in a similar situation and can support them with any information they might need.

More information about neurosurgery

More information about neurosurgery for adults and neurosurgery for children.

What to do following a terminal brain tumour diagnosis

We have produced some practical resources to help support someone who has received a terminal brain tumour diagnosis and their family. This includes information about the financial support that may be available and information about getting your affairs in order.