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Resources for teaching a child with a brain tumour

Since school makes up such a large part of a child’s daily life, this is naturally where most of their friendships are formed and strengthened. Teachers are in a great place to be able to support children to maintain their friendships following a brain tumour diagnosis. This page is full of resources for teaching a child with a brain tumour.

Three young adults in The Brain Tumour Charity hoodies play Giant Jenga in a park with three children.

“I’m still me”

Maintaining children and young people’s friendships after a brain tumour diagnosis – a guide for teachers

An image of a teaching wearing a Brain Tumour Charity t-shirt standing at the front with a school hall full of primary school children behind her.

Education resources

Our education resources received Highly Commended in the BMA (British Medical Association) Patient Information Awards 2018.

A member of our Support & Information Team provides support over the phone to somebody affected by a brain tumour diagnosis

Children & Families Service

Learn more about how we support children and families affected by a brain tumour diagnosis.

A black and white image of brains scans

Childhood brain tumours

Clear information about common childhood brain tumours, including side-effects and treatments.

Jake animation explaining chemotherapy

Animations for children

Our Jake animations can help you explain brain tumours and treatments to younger children.

Two young boys, one being held by his father who is bent down, feeding a lamb next to a young woman wearing a Brain Tumour Charity hoodie

Talking to children about brain tumours

Information to help guide and support these tricky conversations.