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As a snap general election is called, our battle continues

While Theresa May admits division in Westminster, our Chief Executive Sarah Lindsell says we must stand together stronger than ever to defeat brain tumours.

Today, Theresa May announced that there will be a snap general election on June 8 - her decision triggered by opposition to Brexit.

Politics plays a vital role in our fight to find a cure, and we know that the election could hold up progress on some of our work towards that goal.

But if you are personally affected by a brain tumour, your diagnosis is not on freeze frame for the next 50 days - and neither are we.

As the prime minister admits, "The country is coming together, but Westminster is not," it is now time for the brain tumour community to come together stronger than ever and to make our voices heard louder than ever.

At a time when Theresa May is talking about division in Westminster and accusing other political parties of "playing games," we have no time for games or putting our mission on hold. For the 10,600 people in the UK diagnosed with a primary brain tumour each year, a cure can't wait.

I promise that we will continue to campaign on issues that matter to you, so that the ground work is done when a new government resumes.

Help spread the word

We must unite to ensure that candidates commit to working towards our objectives. You can help by lobbying candidates to:

  • ensure that Brexit doesn't affect collaborative research efforts with EU partners
  • ensure that public and healthcare professionals are educated about the signs and symptoms of brain tumours
  • ensure easy access to welfare and benefits for people affected by a brain tumour

Watch Sarah's reaction to the election news

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