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Why Deliciously Ella’s Matt Mills is running the London Marathon

Matt is the son of Baroness Tessa Jowell, who galvanised the political community in the House of Lords with her campaign for those affected by brain tumours following her own diagnosis

Together with Ella, they own DeliciouslyElla; healthy eating, best-selling books, delis, social channels and an acclaimed App.

Nearly a year on since Tessa’s death, Matt and Ella continue to work with us, supporting our campaign, awareness-raising, and policy work as High Profile Supporters. They’re helping to accelerate our strategy to defeat brain tumours.

Initially they both signed up to run this year’s London marathon until Ella became pregnant. Matt now has his eyes on the finishing line (with some much-needed support from Ella).

“Ella took it on of course with no hesitation, saying we can both do it. It was one of those moments where there was nowhere to turn. You tell us there are two slots available and we had to do it”

Matt is the son of Baroness Tessa Jowell, who galvanised the political community in the House of Lords with her campaign for those affected by brain tumours following her own diagnosis.

“I feel so lucky to be able to do it and I really hope it will create as much awareness as possible. Training is difficult but there’s something about it that makes Mum feel so close, particularly when you’re running for something so personal, running for The Charity and for mum.

“I’ve run a lot around Hyde Park, Downing St and Westminster – places that have all the connections to mum. Down past Whitehall, which was mum’s old office. It’s been really nice because typically I wouldn’t run past these places that were special to her. I’m able to feel her presence.

“I’ve done enough training where I haven’t destroyed myself. I’m not into a specific time, I just want to finish. I’ve done enough to make me feel like I can do this.

“I’ve been into general staying in shape generally but not into hardcore fitness or running. I’ve done a half marathon before but I’m not a fitness junkie by any means – the gym is not my favourite place to go.

“Everyone talks about the wall. I think the first half will be absolutely great, but I imagine in between the 15-23 miles point, where I’ll be absolutely broken and the finish line will feel a million miles away.

“Ella’s not running but she’s been an incredible support, my own personal team. Ella’s got her own marathon with the pregnancy. 

I’ve had a couple of pulled calf muscles during my training and Ella’s been on hand with massages, nutrition advice and recipes. 

She’s even developed a new smoothie – which I think’s going into the new book – which is amazing and full of the good stuff and she’s been on hand with massive brunches after training as well. I’m very lucky to have her onboard.

“We’ve had an amazing response from our followers; you get people you’ve never met before who have been personally touched by our story and by their own experiences, offering their support.

“Deliciously Ella is an amazing community, as is The Brain Tumour Charity. Bringing them both together has been amazing.

“I feel an enormous sense of duty. We were so incredibly fortunate with mum and the chance we had to fight for her, with no stone left unturned, to give her as many extra days as we could.

“You feel that because we were fortunate to have that, you have a duty to try pass that on, to increase that access for as many people as possible whose lives have been broken and to drive so much awareness.”