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Red Herring – an emotive, humorous award-winning documentary.

Meet Kit Vincent who created the film Red Herring. In turning the cameras on himself and his loved ones, Kit processes his own brain tumour diagnosis. The film is being screened at selected cinemas from 3 May and is also available for streaming at home.

Kit, left, and his dad Lawrence on the beach. Kit was diagnosed with a brain tumour and made the film Red Herring about his experience.

When film maker Kit Vincent was diagnosed with a brain tumour, he turned the cameras on himself and his loved ones in order to process what he was going through, and tell the story of this devastating disease. The result? The film Red Herring which is being screened at selected cinemas from 3 May and is also available for streaming at home.

In this personal and touching documentary about a life cut short, Vincent walks the line between humour and grief to helm this love letter to the relationships that keep us going through the dark stages of life.

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Kit’s story – how he came to film Red Herring

Kit was diagnosed with a grade two astrocytoma at the age of 24.

The country was in lockdown. And, as he experienced seizures, scans and phone calls from medical teams, his loved ones all coped with the situation in the their own different ways.

But their worlds were upended.

They felt uncomfortable talking about the situation – let alone recording their thoughts and feelings on camera.

But that’s what came naturally to Kit, a film maker, so they went along with the idea.

He created Red Herring – an honest observation of what it means to be told you have a growth in your brain that is going to affect the rest of your life. It’s also a loving portrayal of the characters in Kit’s life: his dad Lawrence, his mum Julie, an experienced community nurse, and his partner Isobel.

It’s been shown at film festivals all over the world and now it’s being screened at selected cinemas.

Kit, the maker of the film Red Herring, lies in an MRI machine awaiting a scan
Kit has an MRI scan

Watch a Q&A with Kit

You can watch Red Herring at home via all the usual streaming services. Or, you can find cinema screening dates on the Bulldog Films website.

In some venues, there’s the option to quiz Kit in a Question and Answer session after the film has been shown.

Meanwhile, we held our own Q&A with Kit which you can watch here:

PR Manager Jo Porter, who has seen the film, interviews Kit Vincent.

What did you think of Red Herring?

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