Research Work Placements

Are you in full-time education and would like to gain experience working in a laboratory focusing on research into brain tumours?

In 2015, we launched our research strategy – A Cure Can't Wait– in which we committed to improving outcomes for everyone diagnosed with a brain tumour, including improving survival rates and the quality of life of everyone affected.

We know the only way to do this is by funding only the very best, world-class research to help us reach our goal – to double the survival and halve the harm that brain tumours have. However, there is a need to develop the workforce and support the future leaders of scientific research in the brain tumour field.

To inspire students to pursue a career in research, we are offering those aged 16 years and above, opportunities to experience what it is like to work in a research laboratory.

Research placements are a great opportunity to get gain experience, make contacts, and learn new skills. If you are interested please see below for current opportunities.

Current Opportunities

We do not currently have any research work placements available.

To discuss future placement opportunities, questions about working in the field of brain tumour research, or if you are a researcher looking to recruit people for work placements within your lab, please contact Becky Birch Research Engagement Manager at 01252 418 193, or email

Past Opportunities

UCL Institute of Child Health *Closed*

This opportunity is now closed and will re-open next year!

Dr Michod is a Senior Research Associate at UCL Institute of Child Health in London. While at secondary school, Dr Michod was inspired to become a researcher and would like to offer the opportunity for three young people to gain a week's work experience alongside him and his team in his laboratory at UCL.

The goal of Dr Michod's research group is to understand how epigenetic mechanisms contribute to the development and function of the central nervous system, and how alterations in these mechanisms can lead to disease such as brain tumours. You can watch more about this opportunity here and read more about his research group here .


You must fulfil the following criteria to be eligible for this placement:

  • Age 16–17 years
  • Currently completing Year 12 of full-time education
  • Studying biology and chemistry A-level
  • Have an interest in laboratory science and a specific interest in brain tumours


  • You should be available to do the work experience for a week (dates will be confirmed when opportunity re-opens)
  • Please note, you will need to organise and fund your own travel and obtain permission from your parent or guardian.


Applications for this position are now closed.

To be considered for this unique opportunity you will need to send in your CV and cover letter once the opportunity has re-opened.

In your CV, which should be no more than two pages, please include:

  • Which college you are currently at
  • Your GCSE and A-level / Higher / IB grades or predicted grades
  • Address, telephone number and email
  • Details of a teacher at your school / 6th form college whom we can contact for a reference

In your cover letter, which should be no more than one page, please outline:

  • Your motivation for applying
  • How you plan to make the most of the opportunity
  • What your future plans are
  • Any other relevant experience

Short-listed students should be available for a brief chat about the placement by phone which will be arranged in advance.

We expect high levels of interest and anticipate we will not be able to accommodate all eligible students so it is important to get your application in early.

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