What we're funding

We are the leading funder of brain tumour research in the UK, committing over £41.2 million to date on pioneering projects that will help adults and children with brain tumours.

We fund research through a competitive, fair and transparent process of best practice called peer review to ensure we only select the very best research that will have a real impact on those affected by brain tumours.

As part of our research strategy, A Cure Can't Wait, we have established various funding opportunities to achieve our goals of doubling survival and halving the harm caused by a brain tumour. Please see below to find out more about the different types of grants we fund:

Grant of the Month 2019

In this section we'll be taking an in depth look at different grant each month. Click through to learn what has been achieved so far, and what is next on the cards for our research projects.

January - The PROMOTE Study

Expanding Theories 2018

Our Expanding Theories award provides funding to researchers looking at innovative approaches that could change our understanding, the diagnoses, and/or management of brain tumours.

Targeting glioblastoma cell metabolism

This research project is testing various drugs that will target mechanisms driving glioblastoma cell survival.

Manipulating the tumour's environment

Research aimed at understanding the interaction of tumour cells and other parts of the brain.

Classifying brain tumours using artificial intelligence

This research is using artificial intelligence to improve diagnoses and treatments.

Using nanobiopsy to characterise tumour cells

Research testing new technology to understand tumour resistance to treatments.

Mapping biomarkers for low-grade tumours using a MRI

Research testing non-invasive techniques to diagnose and monitor low-grade tumours.

Understanding the role of transcription factors in tumour development

This project is researching the role of transcription factors in tumour survival and growth.

Preventing resistance to targeted therapies

Research that aims to identify new drug combination to improve survival for patients with high-grade gliomas.

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These projects are testing ideas that haven't been tried in brain tumours previously, to make new discoveries for the field.

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This research involves innovative approaches that could change our understanding, diagnosis and management of brain tumours.

Clinical Biomarkers

This scheme supports the identification, validation, and implementation of clinical biomarkers into clinical use and bring us closer to an early and accurate diagnosis.

Understanding the effects of abnormal genes on treatment outcomes

The research project aims to identify markers that will help tailor treatments for anaplastic gliomas.

Understanding the significance of medulloblastoma subtypes

The research project aims to match treatment outcomes to the four medulloblastoma subtypes.

Quest for Cures 2018

Our Quest for Cures grant programme provides funding for collaborative teams from around the world with transformational research ideas.


Understand the changes that drive medulloblastoma resistance to treatment.

Identifying directed therapies for Adamantinomatous Craniopharyngioma (ACP)

Research programme bringing together experts to developing targeted treatments for ACPs.

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This research acknowledges the importance of international and interdisciplinary team approaches to accelerate research.

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These programmes bring together global teams from different disciplines to target the research from different approaches.

Future Leaders

This award funds future scientific leaders of research into the causes and treatment of brain tumours.

Understanding the cellular origins of medulloblastoma

Investigating the cells which give rise to Group 3 and 4 medulloblastoma.

Quality of Life 2018

Our Quality of Life grant programme is key to our 'halve the harm' part of our strategy. It provides funding to researchers looking to increase our understanding and minimise the impact of brain tumours on people's daily lives.

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To enhance life today these projects aim to have a direct benefit on the everyday lives of people affected by a brain tumour.

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This scheme has been established to focus research onto reducing the burden and harm to those diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Other Research Projects

The Everest Centre

Learn more about our groundbreaking £5 million investment for research into Paediatric Low Grade Brain Tumours.

PNET5 Clinical Trial

PNET5 aims to prove that children diagnosed with a lower risk medulloblastoma would benefit from less aggressive treatment


We're partnering with the Structural Genomics Consortium, funding two researchers who will be searching for new drugs.

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