Who we fund

We are excited to be funding some of the leading brain tumour researchers in the UK. Find out more about them, their work and their motivation in our interviews below.

The field of brain tumour research is greatly varied, with over 130 different tumour types in existence, therefore we fund researchers who each have different expertise. Our researchers are investigating how changes to our genes are linked to tumour development, how our immune system can be primed to attack tumour cells and how drugs can be developed which target the tumour cells only, among many other areas of research.

Professor Richard Gilbertson

Director, Cambridge Cancer Centre

Dr Paul Brennan

Senior lecturer in neurosurgery, University of Edinburgh

Professor Sebastian Brandner

Professor of Neuropathology, University College London

Professor Denise Sheer

Professor of Human Genetics, Queen Mary University of London

Dr Daniel Tennant

Lecturer in Cancer Biochemistry, University of Birmingham

Dr David Michod

Senior Research Associate, UCL Institute of Child Health

Dr Janet Lindsay

Research Associate, Northern Institute for Cancer Research

Dr Jason Adhikaree

Clinical Research Training Fellow, University of Nottingham

Dr Sylvia Kocialkowski

Post doctorate researcher, University of Cambridge

Dr Erica Wilson

Senior Research Fellow at the University of Leeds

Dr David Walker

Professor of Paediatric Oncology at Nottingham Children's Hospital

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