Glioneuronal brain tumour research

Glioneuronal brain tumours account for almost 20% of childhood brain tumours, with particular prevalence in children with pre-exisiting brain development problems.

Very little is known about glioneuronal tumours, which are formed from distinct cell types to other common childhood brain tumours and do not contain the same genetic mutations. High grade glioneuronal tumours have a very poor prognosis and low grade tumours are associated with causing epiliepsy-like seizures.

Our research into glioneuronal brain tumours

Dr Thomas Jacques and his team, from University College London Institute of Child Health, are developing techniques that will allow them to analyse the genetic make up of glioneuronal tumours. This will allow the team to look for common genetic abnormalities across a wide range of tumour samples and find out whether there are any abnormalities which indicate whether a tumour is low or high grade.

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