Books and readings

When faced with a brain tumour diagnosis it can often be helpful for you to read of other people's experiences and journeys, which can then help you realise that you are not alone and also better equip you to cope with a brain tumour diagnosis.

Below we have listed some books that people we supported have found helpful.

If you know of any other books that you would like for us to list then please email us to let us know and we would be happy to consider it.

Living low grade

Gideon Burrows

This readable and moving non-technical guide is about living with a low grade tumour, a diagnosis given to thousands of people every year.

Gideon, a father of two, shares his own experiences and those of many others as they came to understand their diagnosis and learned how to live low grade.

This book is available on Amazon.

"An informative, easy-to-read, engaging and understandable book about living with a low grade brain tumour. Peppered with range of real-life experiences from different people as well as Gideon's own story. Highly recommended for those living with a low grade brain tumour, but also other brain tumour patients, carers, family and friends to help understand what a loved one is going through and the journey ahead". - Sarah Lindsell, Chief Executive, The Brain Tumour Charity

In the realm of heroes

Emily Parr

Emily was studying for her final year at university, when she thought she should consult a doctor about a hearing problem, which had plagued her for some time. It resulted in her being diagnosed with a brain tumour, which changed her life and her way of thinking forever.

A year on Emily embarks on a mammoth cycle ride across Mexico from coast to coast to prove that she is fit and healthy and able to rise to any challenge.

This book is available on Amazon.

Do No Harm

Henry Marsh

In neurosurgery, more than in any other branch of medicine, the doctor's oath to 'do no harm' holds a bitter irony. Operations on the brain carry grave risks. Every day, Henry Marsh must make agonising decisions, often in the face of great urgency and uncertainty.

This is an unforgettable insight into the countless human dramas that take place in a busy modern hospital. Above all, it is a lesson in the need for hope when faced with life's most difficult decisions.

This book is available on Amazon.

"This is a deeply compassionate account of a professional life spent on the edge, a job which has huge highs and appalling lows... Henry Marsh is a world-class neurosurgeon but he is also a great storyteller... This is an extraordinary book by an extraordinary man" - Dr Michael Mosley, FOCUS

My Abi - The Story of a Father and his Daughter's Brain Tumour

Steve Huckle

This book tells the story of a child with a brain tumour. It is told from the perspective of her father.

This story is based on true events, it is a story that must be told because the stark fact is that, unfortunately, the drama that unfolds can be told by many families.

This book is available for free online here.

Nurse Ted: A Children's Guide to Brain Tumours

Kerry Foster-Mitchell & Ffion Jones

Nurse Ted: A Children's Guide to Brain Tumours aims to help parents who have a brain tumour explain their diagnosis and treatment to their children. It tells the story of a little girl called Lilly, who learns her father has cancer. Lilly feels scared after discovering her father's diagnosis but in a child-friendly story Nurse Ted explains everything from scans to radiotherapy and even losing his hair.

This book is available on the Nurse Ted website.

Toby Teapot's Daddy has a poorly lid

Paula and Richard Middleton, Illustrations by Matt Hogben

Toby Teapot's Daddy has a poorly lid is a short story for children that uses accessible characters to help explain to a child about a parent being diagnosed with a Brain Tumour. It follows Toby the teapot's Daddy through the journey of the first signs and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. A donation from the sale of each book goes towards supporting those affected by brain tumours.

This book is available on Amazon

Pear Shaped

Adam Blain

This book tells the true story of Adam Blain, who was diagnosed with a high grade brain tumour by his oncologist wife in A&E after experiencing headaches and consistent nausea.

Adam shares his journey of treatments and the challenges a brain tumour patient faces, approaching this with a chirpy and irreverent black humour. It has been described as "the funniest book so far this year about brain cancer".

This book is available on Amazon

"Adam Blain manages to be funny, poignant and inspiring describing with heart breaking honesty his journey so far, beginning with a diagnosis no one ever wants to face." RG

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