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Jargon buster

A comprehensive list of the terms and words you will come across in relation to brain tumours.



Intensive Care Unit. An area in a hospital where seriously ill patients are cared for and very closely monitored.

Immune system

The system in the body that defends us against foreign organisms or substances, e.g. bacteria and viruses, and against our own cells that have become abnormal. It fights infections and diseases. It includes the white blood cells, the lymph glands and the spleen.


Treatment that stimulates the body's immune system to fight diseases, such as brain tumours. Can involve the use of monoclonal antibodies.


A surgical cut through skin or other tissue.


The area of the brain below the membrane known as the tentorium. The infratentorial region includes the cerebellum.


Within the skull

Intracranial hypertension

Abnormally high pressure inside the skull.


Giving drugs by injection into the spinal fluid


A way of giving medicines or nutrients straight into the bloodstream through a needle/tube into a vein.


To treat with radiation (high energy particles), such as X-rays.