Types of gifts

If you choose to remember The Brain Tumour Charity in your Will, you can consider the type of gift that you would like to leave. You can be rest assured that we will make the most of your donation by improving the lives of all those affected by this devastating disease, now and in the future.

A gift doesn't always have to be a fixed sum of money, it can also be a percentage share or a specific item. Whatever your choose, we recommend that you speak to a solicitor or professional Will writer when you are writing or updating your Will, so that your wishes can be fully carried out.

A percentage share

You can choose to leave a percentage share, or possibly all, of what is left over after all other payments have been made and loved ones cared for. A percentage share will not lose value over time, so is the most valuable way to give to us through your Will whilst ensuring your loved ones are provided for. As little as 1% can make the world of difference.

A fixed amount of money

You may prefer to leave us a fixed amount of money. It is worth knowing that the effects of inflation could mean that the true value of this gift could become less than you intended, unless you review your Will regularly, or link it with inflation.

A specific item

This is a gift of a specific item, such as a personal possession, land, artwork, building or shares.

For every £1 we raise, 80p is spent on research, awareness and support to help us achieve our ambitious goals. 19p is invested in raising funds for future years and 1p is spent on governance to ensure The Charity is run effectively and efficiently.