Superhero Tri 2018

Saturday 18 August 2018 Superhero Tri 2018 Challenge Events

The Superhero Tri 2018 is part of the UK's first and only disability sport series, alongside the Winter Wonderwheels event in December.

We are putting a call out for all Superheroes to join our team. There are three distances available on the day and everyone is welcome to bring a 'Sidekick' to accompany them around the course.

  • Sprint Tri: 150m swim, 3k cycle, 1km walk/run
  • Half Tri: 400m swim, 10k cycle, 2.5km walk/run
  • Full Tri: 750m swim, 20km cycle, 5km walk/run

You can take part in three ways:

  • Flying Solo - For those who want to see the mission through from start to finish and do all three disciplines. Every Superhero is welcome to bring a trusty Sidekick to accompany them for one or more of the tri stages if they wish.
  • Grab a Sidekick - A unique chance to be a classic Superhero and enlist a Sidekick to help you battle your way around the entire course. You can both be sure of a hero's welcome when you cross the finish line together.
  • Team Up - Why have one Sidekick when you can have many? Bring along your family and friends to share the battle as you take on a stage each.

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Event details

When: Saturday 18 August 2018

Where: Eton Dorney Lake, Windsor

Registration: £10 per person, all side-kicks go free - just let us know their name during registration

Sponsorship: £150 to take part as an individual, £250 per team

What's brilliant about the Superhero Tri is that there are no cut-off times and no restrictions, so bring whatever you need to help you complete the challenge, from flippers and floats in the water to electric and day chairs, you can also bring along walking frames, race runners and adapted bikes. The emphasis is very much on fun so masks, capes and pants over tights are also positively encouraged for Superheroes and their Sidekicks!

The challenge is set in 450 acres of spectacular parkland and a selection of entertainment and refreshments will be available for Superheroes, Sidekicks and spectators big and small. Plus parking is free of charge.

So why not sign up and join in the fun?

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