The Becky Palmer Fund

The Becky Palmer Supporter Group is raising funds for The Brain Tumour Charity in her memory.

Becky's Story

Becky was a bright, bubbly girl who was loved by everyone who met her. She was kind and compassionate towards others and had a wonderfully witty sense of humour. She had recently completed a Diploma in Childcare when she became ill, but after several fun-filled holidays, her dream was to work in Greece for a couple of seasons, before coming home and deciding what she wanted to do as a long term career.

The first symptoms appeared on New Year's Day 2010, when she had a series of seizures. Our local hospital wanted to discharge her later that day with a diagnosis of a urinary tract infection, but as a mother who knew better I insisted on a CT scan. She was consequently transferred to the QE Hospital in Birmingham the next day.

Following surgery later that month, we were given the devastating news that it was a grade 4 glioblastoma.

Six weeks of daily radiotherapy and chemotherapy started at the beginning of February, followed by further rounds of chemo.

She coped with this heroically and continued to live her life – going out and about with friends and family and generally being “the life and soul" of the party.

She was fine until June, when she became unwell again and was readmitted to the QE. The tumour had returned. She had further debulking surgery and Gliadel wafers inserted.

Less than a month later, she had more seizures and the tumour was back again, in a different area of her brain. More surgery, more Gliadel wafers. This time she took much longer to recover from the surgery and she had lost her speech.

She couldn't write, or read more than a few words or simple sentences so we had to develop a whole new method of communicating. This was sometimes very frustrating for both Becky and the people trying to guess what she wanted to say, but she continued to smile through it and never lost her lovely sense of humour.

In September, Becky developed a severe infection under her original surgery site and had to be readmitted for removal of the bone flap and aggressive IV antibiotics. At the end of the month, she had an MRI scan to check the infection had cleared and it revealed massive tumour regrowth.

She was discharged with a prognosis of 2-3 weeks.

Becky died at home surrounded by friends and family on 14 December 2010.

The Becky Palmer Fund

We started fundraising whilst Becky was still with us and have raised around £6,000 so far for various charities, including the Teenage Cancer Trust, the Starlight Foundation and Brain Tumour Research UK. I have also signed up to do the Race for Life this year for Cancer Research UK.

However, I decided to set up this Fund and all future monies will come here. At the moment we just have a big event planned for August, for Becky's birthday, but I have people “on the case" looking at planning more events throughout the year.

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