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Karyn’s story

Written by Karyn’s wife

For my beloved

Karyn Elizabeth Bent (19.03.71 – 11.08.15)

Karyn sent me a text message saying she was on the way home from work because she had a blinding headache. This was the first symptom of the brain tumour that would claim her life.

The next few weeks consisted of several trips to the GP, A+E and repeated opinion that she was suffering from migraines. Eventually the hospital completed a scan and found the mass in the middle of her brain. 25 November saw us in hospital for debulking surgery. The mass was diagnosed as stage IV Glioblastoma Multiforme, the most aggressive and least responsive form of brain tumour.

Karyn recovered well from the operation and was able to undergo radiotherapy and concomitant chemotherapy. Following this she started maintenance chemotherapy but could not complete the course as the tumour grew back fast and furiously. A short spell in the local hospice confirmed that a palliative care pathway was now needed. Karyn came home for the last 5 weeks and passed over peacefully on the 11 August 2015.

“In her life she touched so many. In her passing, many lives were forever changed. I wish courage and kindness to all who have to endure this journey.”

Despite the terrible prognosis, we were able to celebrate both of our birthdays and enjoy Christmas with family and friends. We also got married, a small celebration followed by a wonderful couple of days in Cornwall with our dog, Prudence. The sun shone for us and meant that we could spend much of our time on the beach – Karyn’s favourite place to be.

Everyone loved Karyn and delighted in the joy and energy she brought to any kind of gathering. She always made people happy. Wherever she went laughter and humour would quickly follow. A kind word, a gentle touch, she had the gift of kindness and compassion which she gave readily.

This year, 2017, will see a couple of fund raising events by inspired friends. Hopefully, many more will follow. Karyn loved to get involved – taking herself off the “couch (and up) to 5K” to raise funds for breast cancer. New challenges enthused and motivated her. May many more ideas flow and much money be raised!