Brain Tumour Information Pack

Our Brain Tumour Information Pack is designed with the aim of reaching all newly diagnosed patients at the point of diagnosis and directing them towards the services provide by The Charity.

The pack contains detailed, Information Standard Accredited information on brain tumours and the treatment that you might have after being diagnosed. It also holds the details of a variety of support services available to you as you proceed through this journey.

It'll be a constant source of reference for me during my forthcoming treatment - the info is so clear, easy to absorb and factual without being overly scary.

Recipient of the Information Pack

It was developed to address the immediate information needs of patients following the diagnosis of a brain tumour, and to address issues highlighted by the 2013 National Cancer Patient Experience Survey; only 54% of brain cancer patients were given written information about their operation, the worst performing cancer type; only 61% of brain cancer patients were given enough emotional support, the worst performing cancer type; and only 71% understood the explanation of their test results, again the worst performing cancer type.

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