We are proud to announce the formation of our Scientific Advisory Boards

Thursday 15 December 2016

In order to ensure that we fund only the highest quality research, we have formed two Scientific Advisory Boards (SABs) which are made up of internationally renowned scientific and medical experts that work in different areas of cancer research and social science.

The two boards, Biomedical SAB and Quality of Life SAB, are responsible for the assessment and rating of applications for research funding and making recommendations to our board of Trustees. Professor Gilbertson (pictured), Director of the Cambridge Cancer Centre at Cambridge University, is the Chair of Biomedical Scientific Advisory Board (Biomed SAB).

The board of Trustees is then responsible for the final decision and allocation of funding.

The SABs are also sometimes involved in monitoring the progress of current research grants to assess their progress and to ensure that they represent the best value usage of donor funds.

David Jenkinson, our Chief Scientific Officer said: “By engaging top researchers from both within the neuro-oncology community and the wider cancer community, we can ensure that we only fund the best quality research that is the most likely to have an impact on how we treat, manage and care for people affected by brain tumours.

“We are exceptionally happy that we have managed to attract such a high calibre of advisors to our SABs as this validates that the work that The Charity is doing, and our contribution to defeating brain tumours, is highly regarded by the community."

Our commitment to our beneficiaries is crucial to us and as such, we feel that it is important to allow our community the opportunity to use their personal experience of the disease to contribute to the research grant awarding process.

This is why we have five lay representatives who are a part of the SABs to provide their expert-by-experience perspective on whether the applications that we receive for funding are important or indeed feasible for patients.

Read more about our SABs.

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