‘Top 10 Neuro-Oncology Uncertainties’, identified by the James Lind Alliance

Tuesday 30 June 2015

We welcome the publication of the 'Top 10 Neuro-Oncology Uncertainties', identified by the James Lind Alliance (JLA) as having highest importance to people with a brain tumour, as it confirms our own conclusions following months of consultations with patients, carers and the very best global minds in research. It is reassuring to see that there is synergy between the two pieces of work, however our consultation highlighted that patients and carers want and need to see real progress now through new, more effective and less harmful treatments. Our consultation process led to our five year research strategy 'A Cure Can't Wait', which was published in 2014. Read the 'Top 10' questions.

As well as addressing many of these 'Top 10' questions, our research strategy is going further to make the transformational step change needed to defeat this disease with two clear goals – to double survival and halve the harm caused by brain tumours. To achieve these goals we will be funding extensive research, both clinical and laboratory-based, as we seek to get better treatment to patients faster to improve outcomes.

This research, coupled with the influencing and advocacy work have funded and plan to fund will provide a significant contribution towards answering some of these 'Top 10 Neuro-Oncology Uncertainties'. For example, our research into earlier diagnosis in children and young people led to our HeadSmart campaign, which has reduced average diagnosis times and saved lives. We are currently seeking research applications into the impact of earlier diagnosis in adults.

“Our commitment through ‘A Cure Can’t Wait’ is to investment in research to increase both survival and quality of life of those affected through an investment of an additional £20million in research over the next five years. We are currently seeking high quality applications to investigate the impact earlier diagnosis would have for adults, as well as for a centralised biobank for brain tumour samples in partnership with Cancer Research UK. We will also continue working with Cancer Research UK to fund more clinical trials. This work will provide a significant contribution towards answering some of the ‘Top 10 Neuro-Oncology Uncertainties’ identified by the James Lind Alliance.”

Sarah Lindsell, CEO

Read how the JLA 'Top 10 Neuro-Oncology Uncertainties' align both with 'A Cure Can't Wait' as well as the research we are currently funding and previous projects

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