Children and young people survey extended

Wednesday 9 December 2015

Our survey looking at quality of life issues in children, young people and families has been extended for another two weeks and will now close at 5pm on 23 December 2015. We have already received 120 responses, but to ensure our findings have the biggest possible impact, we'd like closer to 500.

If you're aged 14-24, or are the parents or guardian of someone under 24 who has had a brain tumour diagnosis, please fill out our survey to help us improve life today for children and young people affected by this disease.

Too frequently we hear from those affected by a brain tumour that they have poor experiences of healthcare and often live with far reaching and life altering side effects of both the tumour and the treatment they receive. As part of our five year strategy to double survival and halve the harm, we have made it our priority to improve life today for those living with a brain tumour, but we need the evidence to support what we have heard anecdotally.

Following on from our Losing Myself: The Reality of Life with a Brain Tumour report, which is the most comprehensive study of its kind globally and focusses on what life is really like for adults living with a brain tumour, we're now working to widen our understanding of what life is like for children and young people living with this disease. We also want to find out how a brain tumour diagnosis and its long-term effects can impact on their families.

To help us collect as much information as possible, we would urge anyone aged between 14-24 who has had a brain tumour diagnosis, and their parents, carers or guardians to complete our new comprehensive survey, which now closes on 23 December 2015.

Thank you to everyone who has already filled out the survey, and thank you in advance to those who are planning to do so.

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