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Discover Adventure on our Iceland Trek 2017

A group of intrepid supporters of The Brain Tumour Charity who will unite and trek across Iceland’s historic landscapes in 2017.

The group of fundraisers will be accompanied by an adventure leader from our partner Discover Adventure, who will guide them through pearl blue rivers and snow-topped hills to help make the most of the magical experience. 

The tough charity challenge will showcase the best of what Iceland as the adventurers take huge steps to defeat brain tumours.

“Iceland is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places we visit, the effort of the climbs are easily outweighed by the amazing panoramic views that greet you when you reach the top of each ridge. This iconic trek is challenging but you are soon rewarded by amazing pre-historic landscapes, a massive sense of achievement and memories to last you a lifetime.
“Over the course of five days I see people push themselves to achieve something amazing. It can be an emotional experience and it’s incredible to see how a group of people who start as strangers come together to support each other. Completing this trek together for a common goal is what makes this trip so special.” 
Duncan, an adventure leader at Discover Adventure.