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Leave nothing unsaid by leaving a gift in your Will

“My brother Neil was the kindest gentlest person I knew. After his diagnosis he kept us upbeat even though we were so scared.

“If I could say one more thing to him it would be how the light he shone in the world is still burning bright and we all try to continue his loving kindness each and every day.” Charity supporter, Nicola Boulton.

Your Will is a positive statement about who and what matters to you. It’s your way to leave nothing unsaid and nothing undone, and make sure the people and causes you care about most are looked after.

And with our free Will-writing service it needn’t cost you a penny to write or update your Will.

Matthew, a Research Involvement Network member, and his partner Libby used the service after his own diagnosis: We had been talking about making a Will for as long as we can remember but our busy working lives seemed to not allow time for us to ever take a step towards getting a Will in place for ourselves and children.

“With the diagnosis of my brain tumour in May 2017 it kind of brought the conversation of a Will to the forefront, although my diagnosis does not say I am going anywhere soon we thought we ought to take that leap of faith.

“So that’s what we did, we filled in the quick and easy form on The Brain Tumour Charity’s website and within days the guide arrived and we had an appointment set up at a solicitors within a five minute drive from our house.”

We all put things off and writing a Will is a simple thing that often gets overlooked.

Nicola Boulton said: “Like many people I’d always put off making a Will. When my brother was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer just after his 40th birthday it really put things in perspective. 

Sadly he died just 28 days after his diagnosis and never got time to make his Will.

“The whole process of writing my Will through the National Free Wills Network was really straightforward and very quick to do. I felt a huge relief when it was done and it gave me a real peace of mind when I left the Solicitors office less than an hour later.

“I wanted to leave a gift for The Brain Tumour Charity as a thank you for all the wonderful work they do, the support they offer and in memory of my dear brother.”

We truly value every gift we receive from our supporters’ Wills. Leave nothing unsaid by leaving a gift to The Brain Tumour Charity, and help us leave nothing undone in the fight to defeat brain tumours.

“It’d never crossed my mind to leave a gift in my Will to a charity but following the death of my mum to a brain tumour I started to look at the world differently.

“I felt inspired to include The Brain Tumour Charity. I like the idea that my money could save and improve so many lives.”
Ellie, neurosurgical registrar and clinical lecturer at University of Plymouth (pictured).

Each gift, however small, helps us fund the vital research that is pioneering our search for a cure for brain tumours.

Every gift gets us closer to the day that people’s lives will no longer be cut short by this devastating disease.    

Our promises

  • Leaving a gift is entirely your choice
  • We respect your Will is a private matter
  • Your loved ones always come first
  • Your gift will have the greatest impact
  • You can change your mind at any time
  • We will never pass on your details without permission

A gift of any size helps our research forge ahead for years to come. Leave nothing unsaid by leaving a gift to The Brain Tumour Charity, and help us leave nothing undone in the fight to defeat brain tumours.

Making Wills simple and free

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