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The Petitions Committee’s report on funding for research in to brain tumours is released today

The e-petition calls on larger cancer charities and the government to invest more in research into brain tumours.

The e-petition calls on larger cancer charities and the government to invest more in research into brain tumours.

We have ongoing research partnerships and co-funding agreements with some of those, including Cancer Research UK, Children with Cancer UK, Great Ormond Street Children’s Charity and the Medical Research Council (the government’s research funding arm).

CRUK has already named brain tumours as a priority in its current five-year strategy.

In our evidence to MPs, we were able to highlight issues that we believe deserve attention alongside funding. These include awareness of symptoms, delays to diagnosis and lack of support for those living with a brain tumour.

Sarah Lindsell, CEO of The Brain Tumour Charity: “The findings of this report confirm what we have heard anecdotally and echo the findings from our own research as outlined in our two reports; Losing Myself, which highlights the reality of life with a brain tumour and Finding Myself in Your Hands, which exposes the realities of brain tumour treatment and care.

“The lack of funding for research is a part of the much wider issue for brain tumour patients, which includes a lack of awareness of signs and symptoms leading to late diagnosis, which in turn can mean poor outcomes and poor quality of life.

“We welcome the recommendation that the government provide greater awareness and leadership among GPs including the incorporation of our HeadSmart campaign into NICE guidelines.

“We look forward to a statement from the government which outlines whether there is adequate support for young scientists wishing to move into brain tumour research roles and its determination to address the concerns from patients of red-tape reducing the opportunities for clinical trials.

“The Brain Tumour Charity will continue to push for increased research, great awareness and funds for this terrible disease.”

We share a goal with everyone who signed her petition – to defeat brain tumours.

That is why we were pleased to be invited by MPs to give evidence to the inquiry which was triggered by Maria’s petition, and which led to this very welcome report.

We will continue to work alongside all groups and individuals that are striving to identify the most promising areas for research and to drive forward progress in the fight against brain tumours.

Read the full report here