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Your vote for innovation

For a limited time the voting is open to decide the semifinalists in our Brain Race, with the Centre for Advancing Innovation. Which discoveries do you want to see go forward?

While searching for new ways to find innovative and effective treatments for brain tumours, we found like-minded people at the Center for Advancing Innovation in the USA and the Brain Race was begun.

The CAI’s approach is to build on great discoveries that have been made in research labs but left to ‘gather dust’. These discoveries can be anything from patented chemicals, that could be used to make cancer drugs, to magnetic helmets or even computer games.

You can help us choose who gets the chance to build a company around the discoveries.

Each of the teams has made a two-minute sales pitch about why they should have the right to represent the discoveries. You can vote by ‘liking’ or commenting on the videos, which you can find at the link below. Voting is open now and closes on 29 September.

Vote here

More information on the Brain Race

Initially, the CAI actively sought exciting discoveries that could invigorate the field of brain tumour treatment and care. These discoveries had not realised their full potential and were idling in a research lab. The discoveries were then advertised to people with the drive to take them forward.

The innovators participating in the Brain Race are benefiting from the CAI’s extensive mini-MBA education – they are able to engage with world-class mentors. The ultimate aim will be to launch a start-up company with a product that can help us all to defeat brain tumours.

Teams made up of entrepreneurs and business experts are now competing for the chance to take these discoveries to the next level. If they’re successful, they’ll be building a start-up company around the discoveries and presenting these companies to investors, just like in the TV series Dragon’s Den.