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China joins glioblastoma Australian clinical trial project

China joins GBM AGILE, an Australasian adaptive clinical trial project tackling glioblastoma multiforme.

China joins GBM AGILE, an Australasian adaptive clinical trial project tackling glioblastoma.

The project, initiated by Cure Brain Cancer, Australia’s brain cancer research organisation, aims to unite over 130 neuroscientists, researchers and experts in focusing clinical trials on testing and developing glioblastoma treatments.

GBM AGILE will focus adaptive trial techniques that involve consistent tumour monitoring and patient feedback, with many drugs on numerous patients being involved in the same trial. The aim of the project is to drastically alter the outcomes of this most common and aggressive type of brain tumour.

“This is the best opportunity we’ve had to dramatically improve outcomes for people with brain cancer,” said Michelle Stewart, Head of Research Strategy at Cure Brain Cancer

“One of the big problems is that traditional trials leave patients and researchers in the dark for long periods of time about the impact of potential treatments. GBM AGILE will change the game completely, with a systematic approach to reveal potential treatments far quicker than has ever been possible.”

Dr Mustafa Khasraw, medical oncologist at the University of Sydney, said: “Since GBM AGILE will be performed on a global basis, we will finally be able to benefit from the convergence of the basic and clinical research that is driving our progress in neuro-oncology in Australia and across the globe.