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Tag: supporter stories

  • We’re doing it for Dale!

    By her own admission, Tara Hammond, 30, has never been a runner. But when Tara lost her good friend, Dale, to a brain tumour she and her friend, Karna Robertson, 28, didn’t hesitate to sign up to the London Landmarks Half Marathon together to honour his memory.

  • The launch of Celebrating You 2020

    Celebrating You, The Brain Tumour Charity’s community awards event, returns in May 2020 and nominations are now open!

  • Speech and Cognition problems: Oliver’s Story

    Oliver Highway was first diagnosed with a brain tumour in April 2012, aged just 39. As a result of his tumour and its treatment, Oliver’s life was turned upside-down when he was left with speech and cognition problems. But with the help of his family, Oliver hasn’t let these side-effects hold him back.

  • Jess Mills, daughter of the late Tessa Jowell, is driving change for all those diagnosed with brain tumours

    Today she told brain tumour experts and government ministers why she is determined to make the best cancer care accessible to millions, ‘not just to millionaires’, in honour of her mother’s legacy

  • Support at school

    Beth was diagnosed with two brain tumours in 2014 whilst studying at university, she shares her experiences.

  • A mother’s journey through grief and loss

    In a profoundly moving and honest account, Sarah Pullen describes the heart-breaking reality of life after her son Silas’s brain tumour diagnosis in her new book, A Mighty Boy.

  • A sibling’s story: When Fleur’s sister Grace was diagnosed, her family world fell apart

    Fleur Latter’s sister Grace, was diagnosed with a pilocytic astrocytoma in early 2014 when she was in her third year at University.

  • Mum thanks HeadSmart after son’s brain tumour diagnosis

    Claire Lloyd came across our HeadSmart website, which lists the most common signs of childhood brain tumours, after her nine-year-old son Jack had been vomiting regularly during the day for more than a week.

  • Louise’s story: My children’s daddy lives on through them

    “I had my husband’s babies six years after he died. It felt right – I’ll always have a part of him,” Louise, whose husband, Mark, lost his life to a brain tumour at 39.

  • Oliver’s story

    Oliver was diagnosed with a grade 4 glioblastoma at the age of 39, in 2012. He shares his story with us, and tells us that he doesn’t want to be defined as “a bunch of symptoms.”

  • Brain tumour blogger Angela Conway wins North East charity award

    Angela Conway, 27, won the Individual Charity Supporter of the Year award at a gala event last night.

  • My bucket list is creating magical memories for my kids

    Sarah was diagnosed with brain tumours after the birth of both of her children. She has put together a bucket list and is determined to fill her family’s life with love and laughter.

  • Ewan and Kerrie’s story

    Kerrie tells us of her joy as her son Ewan starts grammar school after a double brain tumour battle.

  • Molly’s Story

    Molly aces GCSE’s whilst battling undiagnosed brain tumour. She receives 7 A*s and 4 As following proton beam therapy in America.

  • Zoe’s story

    Zoe’s mum Julie lost her life to a brain tumour last year after starting the Heads Up supporter group, which has raised more than £44,000.

  • Nathan and Hailey’s Story

    “We take it in turns to be positive for each other.” When his fiancée Hailey was four months pregnant with their second child, Nathan was diagnosed with a glioblastoma.

  • Neal (in a wheelchair), held so tightly by Sarah, his carer and wife.

    Neal and Sara’s story

    “Just six weeks after we got together, Neal was diagnosed with a glioblastoma. He said I could leave him, but I wasn’t going anywhere. He was the love of my life.”
    Watching Saturday’s episode of Casualty when Glen reveals he has a glioblastoma and tells new girlfriend, nurse Robyn, it’s not fair on her to stay with him, struck a chord with Sara Challice.

  • How long does it take to get diagnosed?

    For the majority of those diagnosed it takes longer than you’d think. A survey by The Brain Tumour Charity found that more than a third of people with a brain tumour had visited their GP at least five times before they were diagnosed.

  • Amber’s story

    Imagine the anguish of being told your nine-year-old daughter wants to kill herself. That’s what Zainab faced as her daughter, Amber was driven to despair by her undiagnosed brain tumour.

  • “I take one step at a time” – Emily’s story

    At the age of 29, Emily Morris didn’t feel right – but she couldn’t quite put her finger on the problem. Neither could her doctors.

  • Josh’s story

    The profound side effects of brain tumour surgery still disrupt and dominate life for Josh, his parents and his three siblings.

  • Dylan’s story

    The stark impact of a childhood brain tumour diagnosis has been captured by a mother who photographed her young son every month as he was treated for the disease.

  • Tributes after Tasha loses brain tumour fight

    Tributes have been paid to The Brain Tumour Charity’s ‘sassy and brave’ Young Ambassador Tasha Floyd, who has died at the age of 24.

  • Ten-year-old’s scan delay after brain tumour battle

    Ewan MacKerracher, a ten year old boy from Coleraine, Northern Ireland, has been diagnosed twice in the past with brain tumours. He has been waiting almost two years for a routine scan that could show any recurrence of the disease.