Employment and brain tumours

Staying in, returning to, or looking for work after a brain tumour diagnosis can be quite a challenge - for people who have a brain tumour and for people caring for them.

Being diagnosed with a brain tumour can have a far-reaching effect on employment and career prospects. Side-effects of the tumour or its treatment, such as fatigue or thinking difficulties, or time off for appointments, treatment and recovery, can all cause problems.

Many people have to give up work entirely, change job, or reduce their hours or duties. If a partner is acting as a carer, their work may be affected too. As a result, financial difficulties are common, and people also speak about the loss of identity and purpose that work can provide.

Our employment resources include information about whether and how to tell your employer about your diagnosis; tools to help your employer or colleagues understand the possible effects of a brain tumour; your rights within the workplace; suggestions for 'reasonable adjustments' that your employer can make to support you; and a list of specialist organisations that can help you. There is also a resource specifically for employers.

Each resource is designed to be used as, when and if needed. More detailed explanations of how each resource can be used, are below.

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