Symptoms and information

Get information about brain tumour symptoms, how they are caused and different brain tumour types.

Almost 11,000 people are diagnosed with a primary brain tumour (tumor) each year.

With over 130 different types of brain tumour already known to us, and with different areas of the brain controlling different functions, the symptoms associated with this disease can vary greatly.

Adult brain tumour symptoms

Read about the signs and symptoms of brain tumours in adults.

Child brain tumour symptoms

How to spot possible signs and symptoms of brain tumours in children.

Symptoms by location

Learn about how symptoms can differ based on the location of a brain tumour

Due to the fact that they occur in the brain which is an organ responsible for many functions, brain tumours can vary significantly from person to person in terms of the short and long term symptoms they cause. To learn more, read our adult symptoms and child symptoms pages.

Please be aware that symptoms do not automatically point to the presence of a brain tumour, as they may also be found in people who are healthy or suffer from other ailments. If you are worried, please contact your doctor.

Learn more about the brain and body

What is a brain tumour?

Learn about brain tumour causes, grades and treatments.

The human brain

Explore the different areas of the brain that can be affected by tumours.

The immune system

Find out why researchers are excited about the possibility of using our own immune system to help fight cancer

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