Defeating Brain Tumours: Our progress to date

It's been over a year since we launched “Defeating Brain Tumours" - our ambitious strategy to unite the brain tumour community in the pursuit of our shared vision: a world where brain tumours are defeated.

The strategy is driven by our two principle goals to:

  • Double survival within 10 years in the UK
  • Halve the negative impact that brain tumours have on quality of life

It has been a defining and extraordinary period since launch with our progress accelerating as our global community unites with us. The highlights so far are that we have:

A cure can't wait

  • Awarded a further £4.3 million in research grants globally, taking the total research funding o £18.3 million, with a further £4.2million in the pipeline
  • Committed to establish the first permanent Research and Innovation Centre for Paediatric Low Grade Brain Tumours, thanks to the support of the Everest Fund
  • Joined an open-source drugs consortium to get drugs to market quicker
  • Restructured our research governance, with the establishment of our Scientific Advisory Board, chaired by the renowned Professor Richard Gilbertson

Every patient is a research patient

  • Established our Research Involvement Network so patients can help ensure that future research programmes meet the needs of those affected by brain tumours

Early and accurate diagnosis

  • Reduced the average childhood diagnosis time from 14.4 to 6.7 weeks through our HeadSmart campaign

Equal access to the best treatment and care

  • Launched our Patient Guide to inform those affected about the treatment and care they should expect and empower them to feel more confident when having conversations with their medical team

Improving life today

  • Commissioned unique research into the quality of life of those living with a brain tumour
  • Developed animations to explore and explain a variety of subjects relating to brain tumour patients;
  • Supported over 20,000 people through our Support and Information service, including through our Support Line, Support Groups, Facebook groups, Family Days and Way Ahead Days

Uniting to defeat brain tumours

We're proud of the steps we have already taken but there is so much more to do, with our immediate priorities including:

  • Opening up multiple routes to fund research, with emphasis on how to advance research in the commercial sector; and
  • Taking forward the initiation of a global brain tumour registry.

We are committed to continuing this progress every day, driving change relentlessly and creatively until we reach our vision of a world where brain tumours are defeated. Please unite with us and be part of the change.