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The Richard Smart Fund

Richard was diagnosed with a brain tumour in August 2017. This diagnosis has not just affect Richard but everyone that knows him.


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For weeks before the diagnosis Richard had been feeling ill and tired. He put this down to working too much and continued to go about his daily life. On a Sunday evening while in Dundee taking his daughters swimming he came out and felt strange sensation overcome him when he arrived home.

His wife became concerned when Richard’s face fell to one side, seeing this Richard was immediately rushed into Victoria hospital. It was suspected that Richard had suffered a small stroke it wasn’t until the following morning that the horrific news on Richard’s illness came to light. On the Monday morning Richard was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Over the coming weeks Richard prepared himself to go for surgery to remove the brain tumour. A few weeks after the successful surgery Richard got the final prognosis of the tumour. It was a very rare form of tumour that Richard had and it was then he was told that he would have a minimum of 18 months to 2 years to live. This news was devastating to both Richard and his family. Richard spent the next six weeks undergoing radiotherapy at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh. The radiotherapy and chemotherapy he is undertaking will not save his life but will prolong it.

Richard has a wife, two daughters aged 2 and 11.

Every day Richards fights his illness not for himself, but for them.

He is an inspiration to us all with the grace, decorum and bravery which he shows every day. This horrible disease destroys and devastates family all around the country Richard story is just one.

Brain Tumours are the biggest cancer killer for under 40s in the UK today. Yet Brain Tumour research receives less than two percent funding. The Brain tumour charity does not just help with Brain Tumour Research but help support cancer sufferers and families across the UK.

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