UK research into the use of cannabidiol to treat brain tumours

Wednesday 3 May 2017

Researchers from the Nottingham University's children's brain tumour centre are now looking into the effects of cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive ingredient in marijuana

Medicines and products derived from cannabis have caused some controversy in the past because cannabis and cannabis oil both of which contain the psychoactive component THC are classified as a class B drug in the UK meaning that it is illegal to possess or supply them.

Many of our community also access CBD in the form of CBD oil which the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority are proposing should be regulated as a medicine.

If this happens, we do not know currently whether people will continue to be able to legally access it.

We will continue to campaign for more innovation in treatments including exploration of the therapeutic value of medicines derived from cannabis and we will campaign to ensure that our community can continue to legally access CBD oil.

It is vital that researchers explore new avenues in order to change these shocking statistics.

We welcome well designed clinical trials to explore other treatment options for brain tumours and are aware of similar research being carried out into the effects of CBD oil such as those by GW Pharmaceuticals.

For all of these reasons, robust clinical trials are of paramount importance for all of those affected by a brain tumour.

You can read more about the legal situation around cannabis and CBD oil in our position statements. Additionally, if you have any questions about cannabis or CBD oil, please contact our Support & Info Team.

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