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Government publishes formal response to calls for more spending on research into brain tumours

The report follows a debate about funding for brain tumour research in the House of Commons on April 18.

The debate was prompted by MPs on the House of Commons Petitions Committee following a petition started by Maria Lester, who lost her brother Stephen Realf to a brain tumour at the age of just 26.

In its own report, the Petitions Committee raised issues including a lack of research funding and delays to diagnosis.

The response published today by the Government says: “There is insufficient research being carried out to reduce the significant disease burden caused by brain tumours.

It adds: “The Government agree that an increase in the level of brain tumour research is crucial in order to achieve better outcomes for patients and their families.

The report repeats a pledge made during the debate on April 18 to bring together a working group of clinicians, charities and officials to address the need for more brain tumour research.

We agree that the lack of research into brain tumours is a complex problem that cannot be solved by funding alone. We were invited to give evidence to the Petitions Committee and raised issues including awareness and earlier diagnosis, barriers to research and research priorities, the burden of disease and the harm caused to quality of life by brain tumours.

These are among the issues we are addressing through our research strategy and our five-year strategy, Defeating Brain Tumours.

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