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Holly’s story

Actress Holly Matthews tells the heartfelt story of her husband Ross and his diagnosis of a brain tumour. Just this week, Ross underwent a second round of surgery and is now at home recovering well.

Holly, Ross and their family are huge supporters of our work and they have our utmost respect, admiration and thanks.

“When my husband Ross received his diagnosis, our world changed forever,” says Holly.

“Getting a brain cancer diagnosis is scary, especially when you then hear how little funding goes towards brain cancer research. It’s heartbreaking.

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Together we can have a huge impact.

“You are left feeling no-one is even looking for answers, working out how to cure this deadly disease, wondering how will we ever do that without support.

“That’s why The Brain Tumour Charity’s work is essential. Don’t wait until someone close to you, or even you, is affected by this disease, do your best to support their work now. Together we can have a huge impact.

“For people like me, knowing that research is happening, is hope. It’s worth holding out for.”