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  • The Brain Tumour Charity volunteers smiling as they visit Scottish Parliament to promote Better Safe Than Tumour - an awareness campaign for the signs and symptoms of brain tumours

    Better Safe Than Tumour comes to Holyrood

    We visited Scottish Parliament during Brain Tumour Awareness Month to promote Better Safe Than Tumour – our awareness campaign!

  • Steph from our Policy and Campaigns team speaking to MP’s in Westminster, London

    Why we’re campaigning for faster diagnosis

    Find out more about the benefits of faster diagnosis and what you can do to help us create meaningful, lasting change for people affected by a brain tumour.

  • Keeping Up Momentum in Scotland

    Back in April, we published our brain tumour manifesto ahead of the Scottish Parliament elections to lay out the action the next Scottish Government needs to take to deliver vital progress for those affected by a brain tumour in Scotland.

  • MPs to debate brain tumour petition report

    A call for government action to prioritise brain tumour awareness and research funding will be debated in the House of Commons on April 18.

  • The Brain Tumour Charity’s response to UK Government proposals on PIP

    Last week, the UK Government announced changes to the eligibility criteria for Personal Independence Payments (PIP) as part of the 2016 Budget.

  • The Petitions Committee’s report on funding for research in to brain tumours is released today

    The e-petition calls on larger cancer charities and the government to invest more in research into brain tumours.

  • You’re invited to our APPG on brain tumours

    We would like to invite you to our meeting of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Brain Tumours.

  • Off-patent Drugs Bill blocked at House of Commons

    The Off-patent Drugs Bill has been blocked at its second reading in the House of Commons despite support from MPs of both parties and a number of charities and health organisations. It will be put onto the agenda for another reading in December, however is unlikely to be allocated time for debate.

  • Clinicians back Off-patent Drugs Bill

    The potential benefit of the Off-patent Drugs Bill to people affected by a brain tumour has been highlighted in an editorial featured in The Telegraph. The paper also features a letter in support of The Bill signed by 40 clinicians including Professor Susan Short who is leading a clinical trial to investigate the effect of hydroxychloroquine on high grade gliomas undergoing radiotherapy.

  • New treatments for brain tumours: we need to think differently – Prof. Susan Short

    Developing a new drug is hugely expensive. The whole process – from initial laboratory tests through clinical trials to licensing for use in humans (if it gets that far) – is time-consuming and often frustrating.

  • Campaign with us to unlock drugs

    People with a brain tumour could be prevented from accessing low cost and readily available drugs that have been proven to treat their tumour because the drugs are no longer covered by a manufacturer’s patent. Ask your local MP to vote in favour of the Off-Patent Drugs Bill on 6th November to ensure we change this.

  • Our response to new Independent Cancer Taskforce report

    On Sunday, an Independent Cancer Taskforce published its report, Achieving world class cancer outcomes: a strategy for England. This sets out 95 recommendations for the delivery of services for cancer by the NHS in England for the next five years. (Tuesday July 21).

  • Should it be a luxury to have a clinical nurse specialist?

    If you have a brain tumour, should it be a luxury to know you will always be able to talk to one person in your medical team who knows about brain tumours and – crucially – knows about your brain tumour and its impact on you?