Living with a brain tumour

A brain tumour (tumor) diagnosis, whether it is you or a loved one who receives it, is devastating. It can be very difficult to accept and can change your life in many ways. It can have a significant impact on your social, physical, functional and emotional well-being.

This section of our website aims to provide you with information to help and support you in dealing with this life-changing event in the best way possible - to help you understand what challenges might lay ahead, and to find ways of dealing with these challenges as effectively as possible - whether you have a brain tumour or are caring for someone with a brain tumour.

Side effects

Brain tumours can affect a variety of brain functions, which can have an impact on your quality of life.

Being a carer

It is often forgotten that you can only care for someone well, if you care for yourself.

Travel and driving

Being diagnosed with a brain tumour can affect your ability to drive and travel.


We have developed a range resources to help staying in, returning to, or looking for work after a brain tumour diagnosis

Finances and government benefits

If you are affected by a brain tumour, either as a patient or a carer, you may be entitled to financial help.

Diet and nutrition

A balanced diet can help you keep your strength and energy up, lower your risk of infection and recover well from treatment.