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Research in Scotland is making leaps and bounds in the fight against brain tumours.

Scotland has become a hub for transformative, world-class research into brain tumours, and its institutions are helping to lead the way. We’ve committed £8.6 million to projects in Scotland to date, including our most recent landmark investment of £3 million as part of the Brain Tumour Awards.

But only with more funding can we turn opportunities into discoveries, and ultimately into new treatments. We need your help to create the step change that will lead to a cure!

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Spotlight on our research in Scotland

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We urgently need to find new treatments and ultimately a cure, as more and more people are being diagnosed with this devastating disease. I am confident with all this research that this can happen.

Hayley, whose husband Matthew is living with a glioblastoma

Professor Pollard explains how he and his group are exploiting the latest genome editing technologies that have opened up new opportunities for understanding the biology of glioblastomas (GBM).

Dr Ally Rooney explains the structure and collaborative nature of the project, BT-LIFE.