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Defeating brain tumours together

On World Emoji Day we’re sharing important information about brain tumours and how, together, we’re defeating this devastating disease. Because we understand that when you, or someone you love, is diagnosed with a brain tumour – a cure really can’t wait.


Brain tumours are the biggest cancer killer of children and adults under 40 – yet receive less than 3% of the funding.

As the largest dedicated funder of research into brain tumours globally we’re committed to saving and improving lives, we’re moving further, faster to help every single person affected by this brutal disease.

Did you know that we have recently committed a further £4.8million to research?

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Do you know the signs and symptoms of a brain tumour

By raising awareness of what to spot in children, our HeadSmart campaign has reduced diagnosis times by half. We’re committed to driving urgent change for everyone affected and with your help we can reduce diagnosis times further.

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We understand that a brain tumour diagnosis can be an isolating and frightening experience – we’re committed to helping people affected every day. 

Did you know we have a dedicated children and families, young adults and adults support teams? If you’re struggling we have lots of ways you can get in touch.

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We’ve launched a pioneering online app called BRIAN, where you can track your brain tumour experience and donate your data to help accelerate a cure. 

So, by supporting BRIAN you can help us understand more about brain tumours.

Getting a brain tumour diagnosis can make you feel like your world has stopped – which is exactly why we won’t. Every day, we’re actively researching, campaigning and growing our passionate community to accelerate progress towards a world without brain tumours.

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