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Garden party

Enjoy a fun-filled day with loved ones, cook up a storm and turn up the heat on brain tumours.

Hold a picnic or BBQ in your garden, in the park or at a friend's and raise money to help us defeat brain tumours faster!

If you decide to hold a BBQ, by simply charging attendees £2 for burgers/hotdogs and £1 for drinks, you'd only need 20 people to buy two burgers and one drink to make a whopping £100!

Don't fancy fixed prices? Why not have a donation box at your event and encourage people to give whatever they can in exchange for food and drink. Organise games and turn your fundraiser in to a fun day out for all the family.

You could also hold some additional fundraising activities for the day. For instance, if you had a face painting stand and painted 10 faces at just £2.50, you'd raise £25!

But, no matter how much you raise or what you decide to do, you'll help get us closer to a cure!

Let us know about your fundraising plans and we can make sure you have everything you need for your event such as banners, bunting or donation boxes.

Getting your money to us

However you decide to raise money, thank you for getting involved.