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The Holly Locke Memorial Fund

Raising funds for The Brain Tumour Charity in memory of Holly.

£26,518.39 funds raised so far

Holly's Story

By Caitlin (Holly's Step Sister)

Holly was an inspiration to everyone that knew her, she left foot prints in all our hearts and was extremely pretty! She always had a smile on her face throughout everything she was going through Holly didn't moan, cry or say 'why me?'.

Holly was diagnosed with a type 4 brain tumour in February last year, she was suffering from ongoing migraines she went to the doctors several times and they said it will go away, it's just a virus! After going back to the doctors again, they said they would book Holly in for a CT scan. That night she got rushed in to hospital because she was very confused. That's when we got told that she has a brain tumour.

Less than a week after being told Holly had a tumour, she had her first operation to remove the mass. The doctors said they got most of the tumour, but she still had tiny remnants of the cancer cells. Holly had chemotherapy and radiotherapy for 6 whole weeks to destroy these cells. She had a month break before starting her next course of chemo. Holly was on her last month of treatment when we found out that she had beaten her first tumour. Unfortunately Holly fell ill again, we found out that she had got a second tumour which grew while Holly was on chemotherapy. Unfortunately this was in the back of the head and called 'The Beast!' this tumour took her from us, within 2 weeks!

Holly was an incredible brave person and every day was so strong. A heart as big as hers will never be forgotten. She lived every day with a smile and was just an incredible person. Holly was an inspirational woman and such a great sister, and was loved by many people. Memories that were made will never be forgotten.

With tears falling from our faces we watched her slip from our fingers, now knowing that she will be in no more pain. At the age of 22, on the 23rd of November 2014 Holly sadly past away.

We would like to turn Holly's short life into improving and extending someone else's life. We also would like to make people aware of brain tumours, so please help us improve others and PLEASE donate to this wonderful charity. This is for our angel.

By Lee Ruane (Holly's Boyfriend)

Holly Jade Locke was a beautiful girl who had such a positive outlook on life. I was lucky enough to be her boyfriend for nearly 10 years (from the young age of only 13).

There were very few things that Holly moaned about and if she didn't enjoy something she would simply not continue doing it and find the next path to take. She never wanted to settle with anything that didn't feel right which is very inspirational!

She was a true inspiration to many a great, happy and positive person to be around. when Holly was receiving her treatment, she never moaned once or said “Why me?". She fought like a soldier right up to her last day and towards the end when she heard about her fate, she was happy to accept it.

Together, we experienced a lot, gained a lot of memories and found love at a very young age, which I will always treasure.

Holly may have only had a short life, but she lived it to the best of her abilities and I feel confident to say that she passed away with a full heart. She left a big, positive mark with a lot of people which has encouraged us all to live our lives to the full, not only for ourselves, but also in Holly's memory.

Holly always tried to give back and help others, so if we can raise money to help others in Holly's situation then that would mean so much to Holly. If Holly was here, she would say “Thank you, remember to love life and smile".